An uninvited guest paid a visit to a business recently in New York state. Guests and customers were probably shocked to witness a deer smashing straight through the window of this establishment Sunday afternoon. Some videos of the incident have been uploaded online, showing the confused animal scurrying around the lobby of the business as guests stood nearby. While stuff like this doesn't happen every day, it's still not out of the question for a deer, or any other sort of wildlife, to unexpectedly enter a residence or store. But what makes this incident a bit ironic?

CNY New York says the deer smashed through the window of a place called iSmash in Syracuse. Yeah, the point of a place called iSmash is for customers to come in and actually smash stuff. Businesses such as iSmash are part of a newer form of entertainment centers called rage rooms (or, smash rooms, anger rooms etc.). it's simple, you go there, pay money, and then they give a certain amount of time to smash and break stuff with your choice of blunt objects. Some have linked the concept back to Japan in the late 00s. gradually, they began to spread across the world, including New York state.

The Hudson Valley's first rage room was said to have opened during the summer of 2021.

So, while experts may debate whether or not this sort of "therapy" actually has any real benefits to relives stress and tension, the irony here is an animal smashing a smash room. An Earthshattering revaluation? Not really.

In other news, what are your odds of being killed by a shark in the state of New York?

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