The Hyde Park Free Library is bringing a galaxy from far far away to the Hudson Valley! The Hyde Park Library is putting out a casting call for a Star Wars Day social media video.

Hyde Park Free Library's Star Wars Days Casting Call

Star Wars Day is celebrated each year on May 4th (a play on the famous line "May the Force be with you," it is "May the Fourth be with you). Fans from all over the world end up celebrating by going to fan events, conventions, movie marathons, and more. I have spent many May 4th's binging Star Wars movies with friends. Sometimes we would even dress up and have lightsaber fights between movies.

Is that totally geeky? Absolutely! Do we care? Absolutely not! I've been such a Star Wars fan for majority of my life, and it is so much fun to be able to bond with old friends and new friends over it. It is a connective tissue, just like how the force is "an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together."

Hyde Park is getting in on the fun and excitement of Star Wars Day a little early this year. The Hyde Park Library social media team will be filming a video to celebrate the upcoming Star Wars Day and they want YOU to star in it!

The event will be held in the Annex courtyard on Saturday, April 8th at 1:30PM and is open for all ages. Be ready for the most dramatic lightsaber battle this galaxy has ever seen! Come dressed to impress in your best Star Wars themed outfit and be ready to battle for a chance at being the best Jedi in the Milky Way!
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You'll get to film in front of a green screen so they can transport you to one of the many planets in the Star Wars galaxy. Ride a Tauntaun on Hoth! Train with Yoda on Dagobah! Explore the Living Waters of Mandolore. Reenact Order 66 on Coruscant! I'm not sure if they have any of those ready to cue up specifically, but it doesn't hurt to ask!
No need to audition, if you come, you get to be in the video!
Registration is recommended. You can call the Hyde Park Free Library at 845-229-7791 EXT.1 to let them know you'll be there!

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