It may be hard to believe anyone is bringing up snow after temperatures soared into the 60s midweek. But as we enter late February, one has to wonder if we'll ever see snow this winter? Late February into early March is a time when big snow storms have been known to hit the Hudson Valley. However, it is has certainly been a pretty warm and mostly snowless winter.

In fact, Poughkeepsie set a new record high for February 15, according to the NWS Albany.

So far, this winter has remained one of the mildest in recent memory. Will that change soon?

Hudson Valley Spring Forecast

Meteorologists from AccuWeather are already looking ahead to the next couple of months as they've put together their forecast for the weeks ahead. AccuWeather says we could see more periods of above average temperatures in between a few Arctic blasts here and there. Aside from that, nothing spectacular so far.

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Climate experts say the warmer temps are a combination of the Polar Vortex staying closer to the high latitudes, and a persistent La Niña. This La Niña event has now stretched into its third straight year, which has brought warmer weather to the east coast.

Forecast For the Weekend and Next Week. Snow? 

Thursday and Friday will remain well above average temperature-wise, with a chance for rain Thursday. The Weather Channel says it will get much colder as Friday afternoon progresses, with lows falling to around the upper 10s by Friday night.


Saturday will see more normal temperatures for this time of year, with highs staying in the 40s and mostly sunny skies. Temps will rebound by Sunday and Monday, with highs near 50 each day.

TWC says there is a chance for snow by late Wednesday into Wednesday night, with lows dropping into the upper 20s. As of now, TWC says any snowfall amounts could be 1 to 3 inches as of now.

Maybe Nothing

It should be noted that The Weather Channel's 10 day forecast can predict snow amounts for over a week away, only to revise the forecast as we draw closer to the actual date. We could very well end up with nothing, as these approaching snow events can either change course or fizzle out.

The long term forecast into early March is calling for daytime highs more normal for this time of year, and a chance for precipitation by late next week. Whether this precipitation is in the form of rain or snow remains to be seen.

However, Hudson Valley Weather has also hinted that "Winters return remains a possibility as we head into late month." Stay tuned.

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