The Hudson Valley is filled with a ton of different wildlife, but this might something you don't want to see.

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Again, I always have to start this off by saying DO NOT HARM ANY SNAKES OR ANMALS. Now that we have that out of the way, what kind of snake did one Hudson Valley resident find? Yikes....

What kind of snake was recently found?

M. Seindenberg/Canva
M. Seindenberg/Canva

Woah woah woah....that is HUGE. The snake was recently found in Harriman and the resident who saw it was pretty surprised as well. Im sorry, but there's something really unsettling about having a snake that size slither by you. That leads to the next thought, what kind of snake is that and what other kinds are popular in the Hudson Valley?

Unfortunately, there are venomous snakes that can be found in our area. One of those is the Copperhead Snake, but if you get bit by one they don't have enough poison in their bite to be fatal to humans. Phew. These kinds of snakes have an hourglass pupil and have "hourglass" stripes on their body. Another one you want to avoid is a Timber Rattlesnake. These can be dark or light and are pretty obvious because of the rattle at the end of their tail.

What kind of snake do you think is pictured above? Have you seen any interesting ones in the Hudson Valley? Share your answers with us on the station app.

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