It's the time of year where all the wildlife make their presence known. FINALLY the warm weather has hit the Hudson Valley and every resident and animal has been trying to get some sunshine. One resident posted a picture in a local Facebook group and it's causing a pretty big buzz.

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What picture was recently posted in a local Facebook group about the Hudson Valley?

K. Ferrone/Canva
K. Ferrone/Canva

Oh boy...snake season has officially started up again in the Hudson Valley and they seem to be popping up everywhere. According to the post, the snake is an adult Dekays snake and they are frequently seen in the Hudson Valley. The resident who posted the picture mentioned that she usually sees young ones and this is the first adult she has seen.

What is a Dekays snake?

Ugh....looking up this is never fun. Good news is that they are just a simple snake and they are NON-VENOMOUS. Also, the snake is commonly found in North America and Central America. Most of the time they are a brown or greyish color and the biggest they get is usually under 12 inches (thank god).

Have you seen more snakes in the Hudson Valley? Have you found any rare snakes that we haven't heard of? Share your answers with us on the station app right now.

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