Ick...I would not want to run into this reptile in the Hudson Valley. The warm weather is finally here and everyone and every creature is now out in the Hudson Valley. One Hudson Valley resident found something pretty shocking recently and it's going to take a while to get over this image.

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What reptile was recently found in the Hudson Valley?

S. McGillicuddy/Canva
S. McGillicuddy/Canva


According to one Hudson Valley resident this snake was found right in Highland, NY. Imagine walking around and seeing that go by you? It would literally take my breathe away and not in a good way.

What kind of snake was found in Ulster County, NY?

There are many different types of snakes that can be found in the Hudson Valley. Garter snakes seems to very popular around here, but this snake looks a bit different. Do you know what kind os snake it is?

Thankfully the right person found the snake because no way would I have remained calm. Here's to hoping I don't run into one in the Hudson Valley, fingers crossed.

Share your guess about what kind of snake it is, any snake encounter you've had or any snake stories that have happened around here in the Hudson Valley on the station app.

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Others may also agree and share their opinions too.

As we are different people, we notice things differently as well. While someone takes an interest in a woodpecker in the tree on a soothing morning, someone else may notice a lawnmower humming noise during their breakfast.

On WRRV, a Facebook post asked local residents to share their opinion.

The question stated:

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