Not sure how I would feel about seeing this surprise under my deck.

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I swear, I have never seen as many snake pictures as I have recently since I have started living in the Hudson Valley. Many people have been posting pictures of them in local Facebook Groups and it seems like each one is bigger and a bit creepier. I know, I know snakes are good for the environment and as always PLEASE DO NOT HARM A SNAKE IF YOU SEE ONE, but they aren't the most pleasant thing to look at. One Hudson Valley resident recently found a snake and the picture is pretty crazy.

Where was a snake found recently in the Hudson Valley?

C. O'Malley/Canva
C. O'Malley/Canva

Oh Hudson Valley resident posted in a local Facebook Group that she recently found this snake under her deck. I didn't even want to ask more what her reaction was when she saw it because I think I would have just screamed and probably also said a few choice words. Kudos to her for being able to get close and to get a great picture of the snake.

Garter snakes are commonly found in New York State, but it's hard to tell what kind this is because of the coloring. A lot of times snakes are found on hiking trails here, lawns, sheds, decks or woodland edges so it is common that we run into them. I've noticed that many people in the Facebook Groups have also mentioned that they have seen more snakes recently and have mentioned that people need to be extra cautious when they are putting their foot down (I know I am these days).

Do you know what kind of snake is pictured above? Have you seen a snake recently in the Hudson Valley? Share your details and picture with us on the station app.

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