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We need to make a big list of all the Hudson Valley creatures we have found so far this summer. I always love spending time outside and it always amazes me what you'll stumble upon at a moments notice. Just wait until you see this next photo...

What slimy creature was recently found in the Hudson Valley?

J. Hildebrandt/Canva
J. Hildebrandt/Canva

I was looking on Facebook the other day and I noticed that someone posted a HUGE picture of a slug. I took a few minutes to get a good look at it and it almost doesn't look real. I reached out to the resident and he mentioned how he found the slug in his yard in Dutchess County, NY.

Truthfully, I don't really know much about slugs so I decided to do a little research on them. According to sources, the body of a slug is mostly made out of water and they usually are seen after it rains because of the moist ground. That makes complete sense because we have had a TON of rain over the past few weeks in the Hudson Valley. They also tend to hide in damp places and can grow decently large in size.

As always I have to give this reminder, please don't harm any creatures here in the Hudson Valley. It really should go without saying at this point...

Have you ever seen a giant slug like this before? Have you found other interesting creatures in the Hudson Valley? Share your answers with us on the station app.


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