Didn't Albert Einstein say that he was able to come up with all of his theories, formulas and inventions because he took naps? Even the famous Mayo Clinic has said that taking naps can help adults to alleviate their stress, and will help you be more alert on the job.

So when a company says that they are looking for people to "sleep on the job" because that would BE your job, they quickly got my attention. The company is EachNight.com and allegedly, they are looking for real people like you and I to give them nap reviews.

I have no idea what a nap review is, I just know that taking one on a Saturday afternoon, when I am supposed to be doing half-a-dozen other more important things is "AWESOME!" What about you?

So is it as easy as that? You log in, start your nap and then log out when you are done? Yes, it is not as simple as that.

The website that is looking for these reviewers (EachNight) is all about how you can get a good nights sleep. They list hundreds of reviews for everything from the correct pillow for hot sleepers, to the most ideal mattress for how you like to sleep. From what I can tell though, they are looking to boost up the information on the "Sleep Health" part of their site.

What would you supposedly be tasked with? You need to document your naps, every day for 30-days. There will also be some info you have to share, your fatigue level, how long you slept, was it hot or cold in the room, etc, basically information about how you slept.

Something tells me that this will be one of those jobs, that you miss after you collect your paycheck.

Let's try to find more companies that have a pro-nap policy! Would knowing that a place has a pro-nap policy encourage you to apply? Or would it make you think you are working with a bunch of potential slackers?

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