Ok, so this is one of those job listings that seems like Santa just gave you a present early or that it is "too good to be true?" Well, this one (after some checking) does seem to be a legitimate job listing.

The company is Opera (no you will not be listening to music being sung in foreign languages, unless you are into that) and they are an internet browser company based in Norway.

According to a press release, this is why they are looking for regular people to surf the net for two weeks,

Regardless of the person’s activity on the web, Opera is interested in finding the weird, the real and the true: the things people do on their non-work-related, personal browsing time.

We have all done it. You go online looking for one thing and then two or three hours later, you don't remember if you actually found the information that you originally were looking for, but you have found 5 new videos on kittens or cats who just knock random things off counters, kids who are dressed up singing and dancing in their Halloween costumes, 5 new recipes that you might never try and you have just ordered 20 new pairs of socks because there was a sale, somewhere on something on a website you never heard of. Sound familiar or is this just me?

There are just a few requirements for the job and one or two things that you might not normally have to do as part of a job application, like create a short video about the most epic internet browsing experience that you have ever had.

The "job" itself will have to be done in the winter of 2020-2021, you will need to speak fluent English, post your video to your social media outlets and also tag Opera. You have until November 13 (Friday the 13th) to complete these steps.

Here is more information on this first step of their 'hiring process.' Which Hudson Valley or even New York State company do you think should also have a special job like this where you can get paid money to surf the web and have it be a legitimate job? Let us know.

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