Are your kids always asking you to take them to the skate park? Do they skate up and down in front of the house and even make their own jumps out of 'stuff' lying around? Good for them!

If they do any of this and they have their safety equipment on while they do it, even better. However, there is one popular piece of skating safety equipment that has recently been recalled. What do you need to check for? 

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Which type of skateboard helmet sold in New York has been recalled? canva canva

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) the helmet that has been recalled is one that has 'multi-uses.' The company that makes the helmet is Sakar International, and the helmets are sold at Walmart stores across New York and the United States. The particular recalled helmet in question is the Tony Hawk Silver Metallic multi-purpose helmet. The reason for the recall? The helmet does not comply with US safety standards.

What do you do if you own the recalled helmet?


If you own the helmet, stop using it immediately. Then you will need to contact the manufacturer, which will give you details on how to get a $40 Walmart Gift Card, to use to replace the helmet. The company, Sakar can be reached (according to a press release) the following ways: 800-592-9541 anytime, email at, or online at or and click on “Recalls” at the bottom of the page. 

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