As we all know, a new year brings changes.

Whether it's new laws and bills that will be put into place in 2023 or letting go of the old to bring in the new with businesses, products and more.

While the world sadly lost its fan-favorite pasta option this year, I'm not too sure how much more foodies can take at this point.

Ronzoni discontinued Pastina and families were heartbroken. Petitions took over social media in hopes for it changes the outcome. Even though petitions were made, Ronzoni still discontinued them. Thankfully, other brands sell Pastina, hopefully, families can create new recipes together.

Now, a popular soda beverage has been discontinued. What will we order at restaurants going forward?

Sierra Mist Has Been Discontinued

The question that a lot of soda lovers have asked is, why? Although some prefer Ginger Ale or Sprite over Sierra Mist, there are a lot of unhappy customers who received the latest news.

This popular soda was born in 1999, however, it has been referred to as a fake or imitation of another lemon-lime soda flavor, Sprite.

Why Has Sierra Mist Been Discontinued?

According to CNN,

The competition between Sierra Mist and Sprite has been ongoing for many years. Sierra Mist has been around for 24 years yet wasn't able to hold the title for the best lemon-lime soda.

Sierra Mist was owned by Pepsi which has been in competition with Sprite which is owned by Coca-Cola. This makes sense since Pepsi and Coca-Cola have also been trying to win the best soda as well.

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It's time that Pepsi wanted to bring in a new lemon-lime soda option as research has shown that the demand for this drink option is at an all-time high.

What Will Replace Sierra Mist?

Sierra Mist will be replaced by Starry. As described by Pepsico Partners, 

"Introducing the next choice of the new generation: Starry™ Lemon Lime Flavored Soda. Made to speak to Gen Z, this crisp, refreshing formula with bite offers up a delicious, caffeine-free escape that’s also available with zero sugar."


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What Will Be The Difference Between Sierra Mist And It's Replacement, Starry?

According to CNN,

"A Pepsi spokesperson told CNN that Starry has a “higher citrus flavors that are true to fruit and more aromatic” compared to Sierra Mist."

Those who are interested in this can see the hashtags related to Starry and follow its journey going forward.

#starryhitsdifferent #starrysoda #starrylemonlime

When Will Starry Hit The Stores And Be Available To Purchase?

Excited Starry fans can find this new beverage in the palm of their hand. On the Starry website, simply enter in a zip code and it shows locations where this new soda can be found near you.

What Do Lemon-Lime Soda Fans Think About Starry So Far?


According to Starry's Facebook page, those who left comments shared their opinions on this new and exciting beverage.

It seems that there are mixed reviews about Starry already.

"Not good at all. I absolutely hate 7up and when I tried this I seriously thought it was 7up but worse."


"All I can hope for now is Coke doesn’t get the “great” idea to change Sprite as this is awful "

"One of the best clear lemon lime sodas I've ever had and I love the '80s style logo!!!!!!!"


"I love it! Better than the other lemon limes"


"Diet Sierra Mist, ice, and fresh lemon are far better. Adding ice and fresh lemon to this did not mask or improve the taste."


"Taste like off brand Sierra Mist"


"Drinking 1 right now! Won't miss Sierra Mist at all, Starry tastes better!"

Will you try Starry? When you do, let us know what you think about it below.

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