New York officials shared a "shocking video" of a near-fatal crash on I-87 in hopes other drivers "pay attention to the road!!!"

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The New York State Thruway Authority recently shared a "shocking video" of a car appearing to go full speed on the New York State Thruway and slamming into a construction vehicle.

"DON'T LET THIS BE YOUPolice cars revolving light This shocking video is from a work zone in the #Albany Division last week. The crew was just doing their job. In fact, they had returned to their vehicle 20 SECONDS before the crash! Don't risk lives - SLOW DOWN, safely MOVE OVER, & BE ALERT," the New York State Thruway Authority tweeted.

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The crash happened just outside the Hudson Valley, near Albany. Officials say had the crash happened minutes before it would have been likely killed crew members.

The New York State DOT also shared the video, saying something like this should never happen.

"Please pay attention to the road!!! This should never happen!" New York State DOT tweeted.

No injuries were reported during this crash, but six highway workers were sent to the hospital last week following three work zone crashes, according to the New York State DOT.

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