There are a few Haunted Hudson Valley traditions that just cannot be cancelled for any reason. One of the biggest and most spookiest traditions is still a "GO" for 2020.

The Shanley Hotel located in Napanoch, NY will once again be taken over by Ghost Hunts USA on October 2, 2020, for an over-night spooking.

The history of the hotel dates back (in its original build) to 1845, with many a guest hearing things that just do not make sense or even smelling tobacco when no one is smoking, sightings of what can only be explained as 'ghostly energies' or even poltergeist activity?

The evening allegedly contains everything that you would need to get your pants scared off of you. There will even be access to EMF Meters for you to hold your own ghost hunt. An EMF Meter is a device that is used to measure Electromagnetic Field Strength. Ghost Hunters have claimed that by using an EMF meter, they can detect the energy of a spirit in the room.

In addition to practicing your ghost hunting, you can also participate in a seance and partake of a Psychic Medium as well.

Do you believe in Ghosts or 'unexplained' events? Have you attended an event at the Shanley Hotel before? Do you think going to an event like this in the month of October is even more spooky than if you attend one in, say April?

Have you ever been around or experienced what you have believed to be a 'ghost' or 'spirit' experience? Care to share it with us?

For more details about the special overnight at the Shanley Hotel, click here. 


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