Spring has sprung, and people are excited to enjoy outdoor dining experiences. When I think of dining outdoors, I think of sitting out by the river enjoying some kind of seafood. For special occasions in the spring and summer, my grandfather would treat my folks and I to a nice seafood restaurant along the Hudson River. I remember celebrating graduations and birthdays with a good seafood pasta over looking the waves of the Hudson on a gorgeous, sunny day.

Now, there are more ways to enjoy seafood, and it doesn't have to be outside directly on a body of water. The nice thing about New York is that we are so close to the coast where it's easy to receive fresh seafood wherever you may be in the state. Some phenomenal restaurants are more inland and you'll get incredible service and a mouth watering dinner experience.

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When you think of eating seafood in the Hudson Valley, where is your go-to restaurant? Maybe you have several, and perhaps they are all around the same area. There may be a good chance that one of your favorite seafood restaurants is located in Westchester County with all the amazing reviews these places receive.

Below is a list of the best seafood restaurants in and around Westchester County according to reviews left on Tripadvisor. Did your favorite restaurant make the list? Is there another restaurant that deserves to be on this list? Which restaurant do you want to hit up now after checking this out? Let us know on social media and on the app!

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