The mask rule and no air conditioning lead one 11-year-old to take her mask off and leave school. Her mom agrees saying, "You don’t put a dog in a car, you don’t put kids in a hot classroom."

The mask debate has gotten a lot hotter the last few weeks when it comes to kids having to wear them while in school. The high temperatures the last few days have heated the argument up to the point where one 11-year-old student at Cahill Elementary school in Ulster County walked out of school because of it according to News 10.

Jenna Miller told News 10 that the hotter it getting outside, the harder it is for her to concentrate in school especially when some schools aren't prepared for the warmer months with proper air conditioners. It's even worse than ever before because of the rules that students must still wear a mask while in school. She said, "Well, at first when we started it was really hard concentrating with the mask on for, like, six hours, but when it was nice and cold out, I think it was a little easier. Now that it’s getting so hot, I’m really against it. It’s really hard."

So hard that back on Tuesday Jenna couldn't take it anymore and had to leave school. Jenna explained, "Two hours into, like, our class, it was just so hot in there that I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I was gonna pass out."

Jenna took her mask off and school officials gave her the option to either put the mask on and keep it on, or go home. With temperatures close to 90 degrees and no working air conditioning in her school, Jenna left school.

Jenna's mom Kelly backed her daughter's decision to leave school saying, "I’m so proud of her for stepping up and protecting herself, enough to where she chose yesterday she knew that there was something wrong, You don’t put a dog in a car, you don’t put kids in a hot classroom."

Many schools have run into the same problem with not being prepared for 90 degree days with proper air conditioners. Some schools don't have working ones, with other schools not having proper filters to be able to turn the AC's on and that's a problem that needs to be addressed. If you have a child in a school that has air conditioning issues, please let us know the school through the Wolf app.

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