Not every high school student can say they've done this.

High School is usually all about socializing and friends, but one teen showed that not every student is the same. I was recently on Facebook and noticed a great story that came up and really caught my attention.

Eastern Dutchess County Fire and Rescue/ Suffern SD Facebook
Eastern Dutchess County Fire and Rescue/ Suffern SD Facebook

Who is Aidan?

According to officials, Aidan Kilduff has been a student at Suffern High School and has done some pretty impressive work to help first responders.

First responders come first:

Aidan is reportedly involved in an impressive research program and he worked with his mentor Dr. Dennis Mao who is an Emergency Room Director at Good Samaritan Hospital and Suffern High School alum Elizabeth Mao to write an ambulance manual. How amazing.

Why do this?

Aidan explained in the post that when it comes to ambulances, most only have a user manual for the cab. He also mentioned that there isn't anything really standard out there for the back of the ambulance. He went on further to say that he created the manual to help instruct workers on the proper and legal way to fully operate an ambulance.

His hard work has paid off because the manual has been published, it has been approved for use by the Tuxedo Ambulance Corp and the Spring Hill Ambulance Corps is reportedly looking into using it. Way to go Aidan, thank you for looking out for our first responders.

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