A 22-year-old Wappingers man with a passion for cars is dead along with another Hudson Valley man after police say they stopped on I-84 to argue after a road rage incident.

New York State Police are investigating the tragic accident that has left two Hudson Valley men dead and another injured. According to investigators, the operators of two vehicles traveling on I-84 over the weekend stopped to confront each other when the horrific accident occurred.

An argument broke out between the Wappingers Falls man and a driver from Holmes just after 1:30 am on July 2. Police say the two drivers stopped in the right-hand lane of I-84 and got out of their vehicles "due to a road rage altercation."  Both Hudson Valley men were pronounced dead after being struck by another vehicle that was traveling on the road at the time.

While the two men argued with each other in the right-hand lane, another vehicle driven by an unnamed operator struck both of them. The men were identified as Fabian A. Tirado and Mark H. Hall. According to his obituary, Tirado was a 22-year-old graduate of Roy C. Ketcham High School who "had a passion for cars." The Wappingers Falls man leaves behind five siblings.

McHoul Funeral Home
McHoul Funeral Home

According to the New York State Police, Hall was 38 years old and lived in Holmes, New York.

The tragic accident occurred at I-84 mile marker 59.5 in the Town of Kent. The identity of the third driver has not been released, but police say they were transported to Danbury Hospital and treated for minor injuries. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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