People don't like change, especially when it happens to their favorite pizza joint.

Sometimes change can be a good thing like when you get a brand new car, a promotion at work or when weed finally gets legalized in your state. Other times, it can be a huge bummer like when your favorite restaurant closes or you wake up to find out your wife is now dating a yoga instructor. But then there are times when change just isn't as big of a deal as it seems.

That's the message being sent to pizza lovers in the Hudson Valley who are finding out that their favorite pizzeria has suddenly changed its name. The restaurant at 1820 New Hackensack Road in Poughkeepsie near Red Oaks Mills sports a brand new sign as well as a new paint job.

Google/Facebook @sinapispizzapasta
Google/Facebook @sinapispizzapasta

Customers of Sinapi's Pizza, Pasta & More in Poughkeepsie may have noticed that the restaurant's sign has been removed and replaced with a new one that now reads "Mel's Pizza, Pasta & More." The change has caused some people to wonder if the menu or food will also be changing, but the owners say there's nothing to worry about.

In a sign posted on the restaurant's door, Sinapi's... er, Mel's has assured customers that the ownership will remain the same.

Same ownership, same management. Thank you for your support.

It turns out that the restaurant's owner purchased Sinapi's over a year ago, but just recently got approval for the new sign. So anyone who's been a loyal customer shouldn't notice any difference except for the new name.

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