There are some interesting theories as to what could be causing the issues.

The middle of a heatwave is not the best time to have power issues. When you turn your lights on you want them to stay on as well. Imagine your lights not working properly even after you paid your electric bill.

A few people in the Hudson Valley have reported that they are having trouble keeping the lights on steadily and it seems to have begun in the early summer months.

The following post was made on a local Hudson Valley Facebook group regarding the town of Goshen:

"This has been happening since before the drain of AC of the summer.

Has anyone else noticed power surges in your homes in the village? We’ve been getting very dim light bulbs and flickering power for months now. We contacted O&R but they have not returned our calls."



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Some Hudson Valley residents question if the full closure of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant may be behind the dimly lit bulbs since that's when the issue seemed to begin.  According to the New York Times, the plant was fully decommissioned on April 30 and was creating power for roughly 25% of New York City. Could there be an issue with the power redistribution?


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Another resident experiencing a similar issue in Goshen believes that the new Legoland resort may be drawing more power as well.

Have you noticed dimmer or flickering lights anywhere in the Hudson Valley since the beginning of summer?

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