A local fire department successfully completed an amazing rescue recently.

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First of all, a big thank you to all of the amazing firefighters who work hard everyday here in the Hudson Valley. You keep all of us safe and help and complete some pretty incredible rescues around here. Second, you never know what a day of work is going to look like and the firefighters at the Beekman Fire Company definitely had an interesting day at work recently.

What rescue recently took place with the Beekman Fire Company?

According to the Beekman Fire Company Inc Facebook Page, they received a call from a resident in the Springhill trailer park and the call mentioned how several ducklings were reportedly stuck in a storm drain. Ducks are so cute and they must have been frantic trying to get out of the storm drain.


Beekman Fire Company, Inc. Facebook/Canva
Beekman Fire Company, Inc. Facebook/Canva

The story has a very happy ending. The firefighters were able to rescue 4 ducklings from the drain in what would be a pretty incredible rescue. The ducklings were returned to their mother and siblings safely who were lurking around the area and I'm sure very worried.

Many residents had kind words for the Beekman Fire Company and their rescue:

  • Eileen- "Always there when you need them"
  • Judy- "Great job Beekman!! Thank you for such excellent service to your community"
  • Jessica- "As a resident of the area, THANK YOU! The geese chased away most of our ducks this year and these are our only babies. So happy momma and babies will be safe another day"
  • William- "What a ducking good job guys"

Thank you again to the Beekman Fire Company for all your hard work and amazing efforts.

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