Do you have something that needs to be fixed and you don't know how to do it, don't have the time or are unable to spend additional money to get it fixed? There's a quick and easy solution to fix this.

Recently, I was told about repair cafes and didn't know that they existed. Once I found out about the idea, I immediately thought that it was brilliant that people come together to help one another out in a time of need for little to nothing for a cost.

Have You Heard Of The Repair Café Trend In The Hudson Valley?

The idea of community behind repair cafes are essential within the area that you live. It's important to want to be near others to create friendships, support them and to ultimately, help them.

Community is a sense of belonging and the Hudson Valley is the perfect example of it.

Repair cafes bringing citizens/community members together who have the idea of repairing items instead of throwing them away. This workshop would include those in need and those who want to help to repair it together. 

For the most part, repair cafes are usually held once a month depending on the community and location.

What Can You Bring To A Repair Café?

For the most part, repair cafes can assist with computers, electronics, clothing, toys, bikes, devices and more.

This reminds me to go through my closet and see if there's anything that I can bring to a repair café within the Hudson Valley.

Where Are There Repair Cafes In The Hudson Valley?

There's an important organization called Repair Cafe Hudson Valley, located throughout the Hudson Valley.

Repair Cafe Hudson Valley shared information about how it works,

"bring beloved but broken items to be fixed for free by repair coaches who are also your neighbors."

With over 4,600 followers on Facebook and over 4,300 likes on Facebook as well, it seems as if they are making a difference in many lives. According to Repair Café Hudson Valley, they have different repair cafes for guests to visit.

For the month of July, those interested can visit them throughout the Hudson Valley. Their full calendar can be visited on their social media and website.

On Saturday, July 15, 2023, The Warwick Repair Cafe will be located at The Senior Center at the Warwick Town Hall Complex at 132 Kings Highway in Warwick, NY from 10am-2pm.

On Sunday, July 16, 2023 The Port Jervis Repair Cafe will be located at St. Peter's Lutheran Church at 31 West Main Street in Port Jervis, NY from 1pm-4pm.

On Saturday, July 22, 2023, there will be multiple repair cafes open for business throughout the Hudson Valley. A new cafe is opening, The Livingston Manor Repair Cafe will be located at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum at 1031 Old Route 17 in Livingston Manor, NY from 1pm-4pm.

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Would You Go To A Repair Café Or Help Someone In Need During An Event?

Depending on the community, there will be volunteers also known as fixers who can help figure out a problem that you may be having with their knowledge and expertise and ultimately, try to fix them.

Depending on what needs to be fixed, I could serve as someone who could help repair something or be someone that needs assistance and something repaired.

My old laptops, televisions and cell phones that could have used repairs. Let's continue to spread kindness and love throughout the community, repair cafes are the perfect example of this.

Repair cafes can bring together like minded people, help form friendships and find something that you may not know you were even looking for.

Have you heard of a repair café before? Have you been to any repair cafes in the Hudson Valley or would you? Share your response with us below.

Repair Café Hudson Valley

7 Livingston St., Rhinebeck, NY

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