Are you a small business owner? Do you need assistance?

Small businesses are really the backbone of the Hudson Valley and unfortunately they have taken a major hit over the past few years. The amount of different small businesses here is one of the many things that make the Hudson Valley so unique. However, running one can be very stressful and taxing when it comes to finances. One county wants to help out struggling small businesses and is currently accepting applications from them.

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What assistance is being offered to small businesses?

The Ulster County Cares II Small Business Assistance Program is using some funding they received from the American Rescue Plan funding to help out small businesses in the county. More specifically, they will be using $1,000,000 to help over 25 small businesses out. Wow, that money can really make a difference and go a long way.

How do you qualify for assistance?

Applications started getting accepted on October 31st and you can still apply through December 11th. To qualify for funding, you must have a business of 25 of fewer people and have a wide variety of expenses like rent, payroll, equipment and fixed assets. All normal things when it comes to running a small business.

Is there a maximum amount of money a business will get?

Yes, the maximum grant awarded per business will be $35,000.  Any bit of help is greatly appreciated from the businesses that apply. Sometimes a little help can go such a long way.

Click here for more information on the Ulster County Cares II Small Business Assistance Program.

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