When I first heard of this rail trail I was curious as to where it started and where it ended. A few weeks later, I visited a new town called Millerton.

While visiting the village of Millerton, I came across a surprise.

While visiting this small, cute and quaint little town in Dutchess County, NY, I discovered something I once thought about.

I was visiting the Harney & Sons Tea Shop and Tasting Room location in Millerton, NY. After leaving the tea shop, I found myself on this popular rail trail that I recently heard of.

There were people walking and biking, surrounded by beautiful, green trees with the sun shining bright. A sign nearby stated that the rail trail is called Harlem Valley Rail Trail.

Have you heard of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail?

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

The idea of this 46 mile long rail trail came to mind in the mid 1980's. The first part of this popular trail opened in 1996.

There are two sections of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail.

There is a total of 26+ miles of a continuous, paved trail which goes through Dutchess and Columbia County. Over the years, the rail trail has grown and has a new segment which extends in Millerton north to the Webatuck Creek and even the Copake Falls.

There are paths of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail that are in development.

Those involved hope that the 18 miles will be a path to the trail north and into the Village of Chatham. This beautiful trail has more miles being added to it. The idea behind the name and creation of the trail dates back to the 1800's with the New York & Harlem Railroad with the extension north of Chatham.

Recent changes were made to the Harlem Valley Rail Trail.

From September 16, 2022 - September 19, 2022, there were changes made to the Harlem Valley Rail Trail.

According to the Hudson Valley Rail Trail's Facebook page and Dutchess County Parks,  the "Trail from Mechanic St (Amenia parking lot) north to Sheffield Rd" was repaved. "

Sheffield Rd north to Route 343 was also paved. 

The Amenia section of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail is now open.

Those who enjoy this beautiful trail are now welcomed to hop back on. This freshly paved trail is now ready for the loyal residents and excited visitors who will explore it.

Have you been on the Harlem Valley rail trail at any start of end? Share with us below.

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