Where would you find the prettiest hotel in all of New York State?

No matter what type of vacation you’re planning, you need to enjoy where you stay right? Would you want bed bugs or amazing views? Selecting a pretty hotel that is both pretty inside and out is crucial. That's why the experts at Redbook have put together a list of "The Absolute Prettiest Hotels to Stay at Across America."

Whether you plan to stay for a week or weekend, a hotel that combines good interior design, charming architecture (that ideally has some history!), and a beautiful surrounding landscape can easily boost your experience. From a rustic ranch resort to a Victorian-inspired mansion (for living out your Bridgerton daydreams, of course), we’ve collected all of the prettiest hotels in every state and Washington, D.C. Refer to this list the next time you’re looking to plan a dreamy, unforgettable getaway.

So if you're looking for a massive pretty hotel list, that would be the one to check out. Just be warned, the cost is probably not pretty.

Where Is New York State's Prettiest Hotel?

So who is the winner for New York State? Those honors go to The High Line Hotel located in New York City:

New York is so full of pretty hotels that it's nearly impossible to choose just one. Of all the options—The Plaza and The Carlyle among them—consider The High Line Hotel. The location is prime, and the rooms themselves have views of either the High Line Park or an enclosed private garden. Plus, they're outfitted with locally sourced furniture, bold patterns, and decorative fireplaces—also the work of Roman and Williams."

You can learn more about The High Line Hotel online here.

The Absolute Prettiest Hotel To Stay At In All Of New York

The experts at Redbook have put together a list of "The Absolute Prettiest Hotels to Stay at Across America." So who is the winner for New York State? Those honors go to The High Line Hotel located in New York City. Take a look at these amazing photos.

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

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