There's a pretty scary story behind the Poughkeepsie location.

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Whether you believe there's no such thing as ghosts or not, there are a lot of places around here that are allegedly "haunted". Who knows, maybe it's because the area is pretty old, a lot of life has been lived here and each place has a unique story to tell. Speaking of all that, I keep hearing rumors that the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery is "haunted".


Lets face it, there always is a little bit of an eerie feeling when you go into a cemetery, I don't think it's anyones favorite place to go and spend time at.

What's the legend behind the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery?

According to sources, it is said to be haunted by the spirit of a dark-haired lady who is wearing a long white dress. People have reportedly seen the lady while they are walking through the cemetery or driving by (I drive by it all the time, ahhh). Other people also claim that they have witnessed other shadows/figures in the cemetery and have experienced cold spells and the feeling that someone is watching them. Spooky...

Where is the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery located?

The cemetery is located at 342 South Avenue in Poughkeepsie.

More facts on the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery.

The cemetery was established in 1853 and it sits on over 43 acres of land. No wonder there could be some extra spooky spirits floating around.


Remember, a cemetery is a place where someone's loved one is buried so try to be respectful if you have to go on.

Do you know more information about the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery? Do you know the legend behind the dar-haired lady who allegedly haunts it? Have you ever seen her before? Share your stories and details with us on the station app.

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