I found out just a couple of weeks ago that there would be a new store opening in Newburgh. They were so close to done that I thought they were open and almost ran in to go shopping. Then I realized there were only a bunch of work guys in there and they were opening “soon”. From what I understand, they’ve been opening soon since the spring. Which isn’t a terribly long time. So why do I say finally opening? 

I say it’s finally opening because the store is HomeGoods, and I can’t believe that Newburgh hasn’t had a HomeGoods store before this. I live just a few miles from the HomeGoods in Poughkeepsie, and spend more time there than I should. And a good amount of money, too. Whenever I visit Newburgh I head to Marshall’s even though there is one in Poughkeepsie. And as soon as I found out HomeGoods was opening I knew I’d be there every time I visited Newburgh. Even though I live by one. They all have different stuff, so more choices is cool for people like me. People who love anything and everything related to the home.

Congratulations to the home loving shoppers in Newburgh who have had to travel to get to a HomeGoods store before this. It’s so nice to have one in the town where you live. You’re going to be so happy, and even if you don’t end up buying anything (ha!), it’s fun just to walk the aisles and see what they have to offer. But with a store like HomeGoods, if you love, get it. You never know if it will still be there when you go back. As my friend always says, when the peacock shows his feathers, you better look.

The new HomeGoods Store is next to Marshall’s on Route 300 in Newburgh. They’ll be opening their doors this Thursday, Sept. 29. Which means you’ll get to shop for cool fall season items for your home. It’s going to be great. Happy Shopping, Newburgh!

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