Chaos ensued during a recent trip to the pool.

My family always had a pool when I was growing up and it was so great and fun, one thing we'd have to be extra careful with was putting the chemicals in and making sure the filter always worked. It was very important because if something went wrong with the chemicals or filter, we could not go swimming. Everyone is trying to soak up every bit of summer before it ends and go swimming, but there was an issue recently at one town pool in the Hudson Valley.


What Happened in Red Hook?

According to the Red Hook Pool Facebook Page, a pool filtration system malfunction caused higher-than-normal chlorine levels in certain parts of the pool. Yikes...

Did the people swimming get hurt?

An ambulance was called to the scene by pool staff out of precaution. There were a few swimmers who reportedly felt ill because of the exposure, but they are all okay and feeling better. That could have been a lot worse, thankfully no one was seriously ill.

What is the status of the situation now?

More good news is that the issue has been fixed and the staff is actively monitoring the area. The Red Hook Pool has also been in close coordination with the Dutchess County Department of Health about the issue and everything has been rectified.

Depending on the weather, the pool will be open for two more weekends for residents to enjoy. Get out there and extend the summer fun for all of us.

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