Old Navy's slogan is We are Change. But according to police, one individual wasn't offering up much change as he made off with around five dozen pairs of jeans from an Old Navy store in New York.

Organized retail crime is a growing issue across the country, according to CBS NY. 

From January 1 through September 12, 2021, the NYPD told CBS that there were more than 26,000 complaints of shoplifting compared to the same time period in 2020, which was over 20,000.

Jeans Heist at Old Navy Store in New York

Police in New York released a surveillance picture of the suspect who was a part of the alleged jeans heist Monday, according to PIX 11. The NYPD says the suspect stole around 60 pairs of jeans from an Old Navy store in Commack, which is valued at approximately $1,650.

Police did not indicate how he managed to carry so many pairs out of the store at the same time.

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Hair Theft

Anyone missing a hairpiece? You may not think much of it, but hair theft is actually quite a big problem around the globe. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of wigs, weaves, extensions, and other hair products are stolen every year, according to sources. Many stolen hairpieces get sold on the black market or online, according to the New York Times.

Others might keep the hair for their own personal use. That might mean they're wearing it, or doing something else even weirder with it.

Missing Wigs and Other Hair Products 

Police in New York are on the lookout for a brazen wig thief, who hit a shop in early December. Officials announced that this roaming weave bandit made off with thousands of dollars worth of fake hair and goods, as employees were busy restocking a new order of weaves that just came in.


Police told PIX 11 that the suspect walked into a Feel Beauty store in the Bronx and stole a box with about $4,000 worth of wigs and hair products that was left unattended near the front door the morning of December 5. PIX says that some of the hairpieces taken were specialized for people with hair loss, so there may be an increase in people from the area having to wear hats for the next few weeks.

Others may have to resort to bad combovers or gluing animal fur to their scalps to stay warm during the winter.

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