Just a friendly reminder. Or maybe a final warning. When people are in their homes, especially days and weeks at a time, they can get comfortable. For the police department in one Maryland town, it's too comfortable. Now, this departments warning to the public about lack of clothes has gone viral.

This didn't happen here in New York state, but of course, we all know that one neighbor or two who might do something like this.

The Taneytown, MD Police Department had a pretty straight forward message that they shared on their Facebook page Tuesday:

Please remember to put pants on before leaving the house to check your mailbox. You know who you are. This is your final warning.

It is unclear how many incidents had been reported to police to spur this movement. But according to WMAR, it seems to center around one particular person in town. Also, we don't know exactly how few clothes some of these people wearing when they check their mail. Are we talking about just in their underwear, or maybe nothing at all?

Residents of Taneytown don't seem very concerned. When asked, one woman's response was, "It's really funny to me. It's funny how a man can go out in a [sic] underwear, and just have a good ol' day. It's really nice!  Hey, you gotta feel the breeze somehow!"

Do you ever say "Hey, screw it! It's my property, I'll not wear what I want!"? Or maybe we should, not wear? Anyone ever check their mail with nothing on?

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