Unfortunately, there are thousands of dogs, cats, and other pets who are abandoned every year across New York state alone. The dog from the following story was left behind and tied to a light post, according to animal shelter offcials.

Luckily though, there were some very good people looking out for him that day.

According to Best Friends, 76,253 dogs and cats were saved across New York in 2022, for a total save rate of 87.6%. Best Friends says through their website that they are "working with animal welfare organizations and stakeholders statewide to save every pet who can be saved and reach no-kill through New York by 2025."

Pitbull Tied To Post In Westchester County Saved by Police

SPCA Westchester says that a Parking Enforcement Officer Bateman from the Ossining Police Department found an abandoned pitbull tied to a light post. The SPCA says the pup was untied and brought to the police department by the officer in case the owners came looking for him.

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When no one came to claim the dog, the officer who found him brought him the SPCA in Briarcliff Manor to cover all bases. The officer who had found the dog had cared for him while at the department, and the two had become very attached, according to the SPCA.

The post on the SPCA's Facebook says that "as she (the officer) left and Rocco was lead into the kennels, she cried while Rocco looked on confused as to why she was leaving." However the story has a happy ending, as the SPCA says the same officer came back to the shelter and adopted the dog.

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The dog's name is Rocco. Also, according to Ossining Police, Officer Bateman, who had been working overnights for a long time, was notified that she would be reassigned as a Community Service Worker for the department.

No word as of yet if Rocco plans to join the force.

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