It's a great way to keep the kids entertained during spring break.

As much fun as spring break can be for kids, it can very tough on parents to keep them entertained. One local restaurant came up with a pretty cool idea to help with this and it can also start the process of teaching kids how to navigate their way in the kitchen and cook.

Monkey Business Images
Monkey Business Images

Mamma Mia Cafe and Pizzeria in New Windsor has created a "Pizza 101" event and it will show kids how to make their own pizza, YUMMY.

shironosov by Getty Images Pro
shironosov by Getty Images Pro

What will kids do during "Pizza Making 101"?

How fun, they will make their own personal cheese pizza and additional toppings will be available upon request.

When is the event going on?

  • Tuesday, April 12th
  • Wednesday, April 13th
  • Thursday, April 14th

It will go on from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM and they are 1-hour sessions.

How do you reserve a spot for your child?

It's very easy, you can call to reserve a spot at (845)-565-3650. Mamma Mia Cafe and Pizzeria is located at 318 Blooming Grove Turnpike, New Windsor NY 12553.

Pizza is something that makes everyone happy and most people you talk to enjoy it a lot. I'm all for this for kids, but maybe they can make one for adults (especially those who have some trouble cooking). However, if your child does attend, feel free to send us a picture of their creation on the station app.

If you need another way to entertain the kids, here are some free little libraries in the area and some cool parks you can visit:

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