This new beauty trend is taking Dutchess County by storm.

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I like to think I'm pretty hip and stay on top of most trends in the beauty industry. I'm into it, makeup, fashion, spa treatments, anti-aging trends and more, but this new one caught me by surprise.

Have you heard of this new popular makeup trend?

I was in downtown Poughkeepsie the other day and when I started driving around I noticed a sign that said "Permanent Makeup" Call .... I've heard of microblading, lip and eyeliner tattooing and more, but permanent makeup?

So I did a little digging and found out more information on permanent makeup (I really can't be the only one who has never heard about it). Permanent makeup is a technique that involves tattoos and it's used to create designs that resemble makeup. This could include eyeliner, lip liner, blush, lipstick and more. That sounds a little too risky if you ask me. What happens if makeup styles change? I WOULD NOT want the makeup i thought was cool 10 years ago still on me today.

So it might not be for me, but there are some positive facts about it. Permanent makeup can be used to people who suffer from alopecia, have scars or are undergoing chemotherapy. Many people do use it to help produce artificial eyebrows as well. Everyone deserves the right to feel beautiful, especially when you're not feeling well.

Have you heard of permanent makeup before? Do you know anyone who has tried it out? Share your answers with us on the station app.

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