Some on the internet have been talking about Motley Crue's Tommy Lee's recent naked picture he took and uploaded to social media. Well, this isn't Tommy Lee we're talking about here. Did this guy forget to put on his clothes before leaving the house? A naked man was seen casually strolling through the subway Thursday morning, and according to the New York Post, not too many people seemed to really notice. Or maybe they just don't care at this point.

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Dude, Where Are Your Clothes? 

The Post says the naked man was spotted walking out of the Number 6 train car, where he then walked onto the City Hall subway station platform Thursday morning. This gentleman, who was reportedly wearing nothing but a pair of sicks, strutted along the subway like he didn't have a care in the world. But soon his nature walk would come to an end.

Eventually he was spotted by police, and he was then taken to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation, according to the Post. 

We'd say that New Yorkers have a reputation for being a bit hardened, but that may not be the best choice of words in this particular case. We'll just say that they've seen it all. Jokes aside, this guy appears to have been suffering from sort of mental episode and hopefully gets the help he needs.

Remember This story From 2016?

New York State police arrested a man from the Bronx after he allegedly attempted to light an occupied house on fire back in December 2016. He didn't get far. The 23-year-old suspect not only accidentally lit himself on fire in the process, but was also completely naked when it happened, according to the New York State Police.

The incident happened in the Town of Shawangunk.


The NY State Police said the nude suspect used an accelerant and lit the house on fire. The naked man was arrested on felony charges of arson and reckless endangerment, and was taken to the Ulster County Jail. Thankfully, he spent that Christmas far away from any Yule logs, or anything else flammable for that matter.

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