You might want to double-check your wallets and change purses.

Does anyone use cash or change anymore? I'm very guilty lately of not keeping a lot of cash or change on me. The most change I will have on me at a time is a few quarters so I can do my laundry.

When I was growing up I had a piggy bank that was in my room and after each day I would put extra change in it. It would be surprising how much money would add up after converting it to cash and how many cool coins I would find. If you still do this or have extra change around you'll want to be on the lookout for this coin.

What coin is worth almost $300,000?


Thank god for Tik Tok...I know it can be addicting, but we do learn so many cool things from it. A video recently went viral on Tik Tok and it showed a 1943 copper penny that was found in a storage unit. The person making the video quickly said "If that's real it's worth over $300,000" and showed what some of the pennies have sold for. Okay...I'm checking my purse right now.


@thecoinchannel $300,000+ penny found in stoarge unit!? #stoargeunit #treasure #penny #coin #foryou found by @Storage Auction Pirate ♬ Cinematic Music - dN. Chandrawinata


He also mentioned some ways to check if it's real if you happen to find one of these:

  1. If the penny sticks to the magnet you DO NOT have a copper penny
  2. You want one that weighs over 3.1 grams
  3. You want the "3" in the "43" to be sticking down lower than the 4
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To get more details and see pictures click here. Also, if you do have one of these pennies would you spare me a few grand?

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