Have you been facinated by the show Pawn Stars and all things Harrison or Chumlee? I recently started watching the early episodes of the shows and started to wondering how is it possible that no matter what the item, these guys "got a guy" who knows some sort of random information regarding just the specific topic that they are working on.

Seriously, from old gas station signs to potential Civil War firearms the team from that show can get the information faster than a teenager with computer access and a Red Bull, they have a person who has the information. Is that how all Pawn Shops are? I doubt it, but it did make me want to search out. 

Where are the Pawn Shops in the Hudson Valley Region of New York State?


Turns out there are many pawn shops in the surround five county area. Have you ever been to a pawn shop to either sell or purchase items? Do you have favorite establishment? Care to share it with us?

  • Ultrah Unltd II Fairview AVE Poughkeepsie NY 12603
  • New York Exchange Buy Gold Silver, Dutchess Turnpike in Poughkeepsie 12603
  • Deetor Trading - Buy, Sell and Trade, 824 Main St Poughkeepsie 12603
  • Arlington Exchange Gold & Silver+ Buyers, 811 Main St Poughkeepsie 12603
  • Hudson Valley PawnBrokers, Dolson Ave Middletown NY 10940
  • Fort Knox PawnBrokers, 1012 Little Britain Rd New Windsor, NY 12553

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What types of items will you find at any pawnshop?

gold coins and treasures in a wooden chest

The items could vary greatly from shop to shop. You can almost always expect to find jewelry, power tools, and musical instruments. Those are pretty much standards at all shops. Each shop will specialize in something maybe the one you shop at has more sports memorabilia or comic books, it all depends on the owner and their customers.

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