A post that began circulating social media on Wednesday, May 17th stirred up a lot of concern and conversation regarding safety here in the Hudson Valley, specifically in a certain part of Dutchess County.

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Local Gym Warns of Alleged Parking Lot Scam

A gym based out of East Fishkill posted a letter on their social media account on Wednesday, May 17th warning locals of an alleged incident that took place in their parking lot earlier in the week.

On Tuesday May 16th 2023 at approximately 9:00pm an incident took place in the gym parking lot that we would like to bring to your attention.


Upon exiting the gym, a member found his door handle zip tied. Further investigation indicates that this is an indicator and tool for sex traffic rings and has been happening in the Fishkill area. Apparently the zip tie is laced with a substance that when grabbed and pulls causes the victim to pass out.

This warning stirred up a lot of social media conversation and was shared across various community groups and forums with concerned Hudson Valley residents sharing their concerns in the comment section.


Parking Lot Scam At East Fishkill Gym Turns Out To Be A Scam

Shortly after the initial post on Wednesday with the warning letter from the gym, it seemed to have disappeared from social media.  Browsing through the groups I found that almost all of the posts had been removed, and a new post from the gym was now being circulated.

It seems that a subsequent investigation from the East Fishkill Police Department determined that there were no issues in the area, and the incident was classified as part of a prank.

The message above has been shared dozens of times in local groups and forums, with community members expressing their gratitude that this didn't really happen in the area.

This story is still developing and will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

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