This might sound weird and there's a good chance that you've never noticed this before but did you know that not every shopping cart is the same? Seriously there's a huge difference actually in some carts at the store. Some don't have two little prongs by the handle like the cart pictured above and some do. These prongs are actually a new parent's best friend.

These prongs have saved me one more than one occasion.

I know this may seem very miniscule in the grand scheme of things but if there's anyway you can make certain tasks in your life a little more convenient these days then I say go. If you're a new parent and you're carrying your kid around in a car seat at the store then you can save yourself a a lot of trouble by just taking a few extra moments to pick out the 'right' cart for you.

I'm a new parent. My kid is about 7 months old right now and when I took her to the grocery store with me I had to place her entire car seat in the cart losing a lot of space for both groceries that I was going to buy and the bags for when I was leaving. It wasn't until I saw another dad using these special two pronged carts the way they were intended.

If you're a parent then here's an awesome hack for for you to use the next time you're out shopping in the Hudson Valley.

The prongs are to hold a car seat in place while you're shopping and they work extremely wall. These two prongs stick out and prevent the seat from moving side to side. The angle of the car seat keeps it from going back and forth.


Now you know. Most stores have these carts and they're easy to find once you know to look for them.


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