Winter in New York. Yes, you expect snow, but in the last few years, I recall the snow fall to have been pretty mild, at least it wasn't enough that I lamented about not having a snow blower. Wait is it a snow blower or a snow thrower? Guess that is a whole other conversation.

When my neighbors moved south a few years ago, their destination was Florida, they bequeathed to me a small, electric snow blower. I of course was super grateful, thanked them and put it in the garage. That is where it sat for the last few years, until one morning/night at 3 am, I got out of bed to shovel, trying to keep up with the snow and realized that this was more than I could deal with.

So it is 3 am or so, pitch black, and I am trying to assemble this snow thingy. It was quick to do, I plugged it in, figured out how to work it and off I went. Holy cow was it awesome. I have used it already in 2020-2021 repeatedly for three different storms. It is totally worth having, especially since I have zero idea as to how much it cost. I think about those neighbors each and every time I use it. I liked those neighbors.

So when I see this listing about a 2021 Toro Power Max 826 OHAE Snowthrower, Model 37802 being recalled, all of the sudden, I felt my heart go out to the people, who like myself, thought that they probably would never get use out of a snowblower (thrower) but obviously got to the point where they needed to buy something.

Of course this recall is because there is a potential safety issue, in this case there is actually the potential for the operators arm to be amputated. YIKES! If you by any chance have one of these Toro Power Max 826's, you will want to return it to the place you bought it at, say Home Depot, Ace Hardware or even for a refund. Before you do that, you should check out the serial numbers that are specifically involved in this, and you can do this by clicking here. 

Good luck shoveling all of the snow and staying on top of it. Be safe!

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