If you were in the market for a house and I said, "have I got the place for you!", you might be skeptical. If I added in the fact that this house has rooms with bright orange walls, bright green walls, pink ceilings and red carpets, you would wonder if I was out of my mind.

I found a house here in New York state that has all of that and more, and you will think it is spectacular! Take a look through the pictures below.

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This house of many colors is in Goshen, NY and is so much more than paint and rug color choices. This Victorian home was built in the late 1800's and features a wine cellar, brass spiral staircase to the roof, formal dining room, wet bar, library and a carriage house!

That doesn't even come close to describing this $1.2 million dollar home listed by Linda A. Clark and Griffith Olivero of Compass Realty. You have to scroll through the pictures and then start at the top and scroll again so your brain can absorb what you are seeing. Here is a tease.


Wait until you see, what I call, the Watermelon Room and the wine cellar in the basement looks like a jail cell or the entrance to an old bank vault. In my opinion the entire home is unique, heck I'd be happy just living in the carriage house.

Let's take a tour of 313v Main Street in Goshen, NY. Put on your sunglasses, this home is shiny!

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