A routine situation quickly escalated and became very scary. You always have to be careful when you're doing construction in the area because you never know what you'll find in the process. The Orange County Sheriff's Office recently put out some information on something pretty bizarre that happened and it's leaving residents with many unanswered questions on the matter.

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What explosive device was recently found in the Town of Hamptonburgh, NY?


According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, a contractor called in and said there was the potential that a HAND GRENADE was found while work is being done at an Estate that's located on Stony Ford Road in the Town of Hamptonburgh. Seriously? At first, the Orange County Sheriff's Patrol Division responded to the scene, but then the New York State Police Bomb Disposal Unit was reportedly called in for more assistance.

More details on the explosive device found in Orange County:

Sources say, the NYSP BDU used an X-ray device on the item and did handle the device as a live MK2 hand grenade...how scary is that. Thankfully, the BDU techs were able to determine that the device was not harmful and they were able to safely remove it from the Estate. The device was placed into evidence later that day for destruction, but no information has come out about how the device ended up on the property.

No one was injured during this, but I'm sure the whole situation was very tense. Thank you to the Orange County Sheriff's Office and the NYS BDU for their hard work and for helping us during a difficult time.


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