They say if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life, and one Orange County, NY man is putting that theory to the ultimate test.

Our differences are what make us interesting, and people following their passion, however obscure they might seem to someone else, should always be applauded. That being said, museum curator Alex Prizgintas isn't alone in his interest that has led him to open what may be the most specific attraction in New York state. Welcome to the Orange County Milk Bottle Museum.

Alex Prizgintas stands in front of his Orange County Milk Bottle Museum (Alex Prizgintas via YouTube)
Alex Prizgintas stands in front of his Orange County Milk Bottle Museum (Alex Prizgintas via YouTube)

The Orange County Milk Bottle Museum in Orange County, NY

The history of United States milk bottles? Nope. The history of all Hudson Valley milk bottles? Try again. Alex Prizgintas' milk bottle collection is over 800-strong, and they're all related to the specific dairy industry in Orange County, NY.

Alex Prizgintas via YouTube
Alex Prizgintas via YouTube

Open House for the Orange County Milk Bottle Museum

"The Orange County Milk Bottle Museum’s open house earlier this month was a wonderful success", Prizgintas recently posted on Facebook. The museum, which officially opened in 2022, welcomed the public with their second open house earlier this month. With public access only available once per-year (the rest is by appointment only), Prizgintas was elated to share that attendance had nearly doubled since its last event:

The attendance of historians, fellow collectors, and those with an interest in our region was truly a pleasure—as was witnessing new connections made. After the success of this year’s event, next year’s open house will be fully open to the public with digital registration forms available for next year.

The passion for historical bottles isn't limited to his museum, which inhabits a section of his home in Orange County, NY. Prizgintas also hosts Zoom talks as well as in-person presentations not only sharing the history of the Hudson Valley dairy industry, but helping other Hudson Valley residents identify their own historic bottles as well.

Prizgintas is described on his website as an "author, musician, historian, and preservationist", and is currently the president of the Woodbury Historical Society. If you hold a similar interest or are looking to learn more about Hudson Valley bottle history, contact Alex here, and check out more cool New York museums below.

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