You feel a little famous when you hear a Hudson Valley location mentioned in a huge television show. One of my favorite shows when I was younger was 'The O.C' and it was a huge hit among pre-teens, teenagers, and adults. The show's focus was following around very rich families in Orange County, California, and seeing all of the drama they get themselves into.

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The show always showed beautiful views of the beach and each character was lovable in their own way. I still hear people talk about the show and what a phenomenon it was for television dramas. If you play the theme song from it, most people will stop right in their tracks and know what it's from.

I've been rewatching the series and a Hudson Valley reference was made during one of the episodes, how cool. It now seems fitting since the Hudson Valley has become so connected to Hollywood.

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 What was the episode about?

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I could talk about this for hours, but I'll give you the short version. In the later part of the series it happened and the main characters, Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts are in a bit of a rough spot. Seth went to visit her at Brown University to try to help mend their relationship. Seth gets back in California pretty quick and explains to another main character named Ryan Atwood his journey...just wait for the reference.

What Hudson Valley reference was made in 'The O.C.'?

Seth is explaining to Ryan the mess of his trip he said how he "took a train from Poughkeepsie." Back when I originally watched the show, I didn't know much about Poughkeepsie, but now I have a whole new perspective and felt like part of the show. California here we come...

When I heard him say Poughkeepsie, I couldn't help but smile and feel a little proud they decided to use it. I'm all for a reboot of the show and think they should incorporate the Hudson Valley in it again, we can dream, right?

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