There are some people who think they know everything and want to defy orders, so now others have decided to crack down. As some have defied orders over isolation and social distancing, one particular state has a unique solution. GPS ankle monitors.

Some have applauded the measures, though others question whether it is the right way to go about enforcing isolation.

The Louisville Courier reports that judges in Kentucky have ordered several individuals who have tested positive, or who have been around others who tested positive for the Coronavirus, and yet refuse to isolate from the public to wear ankle bracelets.

Chief of Public Services Amy Hess said:

The home incarceration program is well-suited for this. It provides us with the proper amount of distancing. We can monitor activity after (the monitoring device) gets affixed to them … to make sure they're not further affecting the community.

Officials say the biggest fear is the spread of the virus among first responders and keeping the community safe. While New York and the Hudson Valley have generally been good when it came to following social distancing orders, others in other cities and states have been slow to heed the advice, which is what prompted officials in Louisville to take action.

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