Have you gotten into the rhythm that when you hear about an event that you think you might want to go check out, you hesitate and think to yourself, 'But wait, will it get Covid cancelled?'

While Covid, Corona, The Vid, and other forms of the name you prefer to use for this pandemic, have continued to cancel many indoor and outdoor activities for all, do not get down. One local town has said "Yes" to their annual Winter Fest and everyone in the area is invited.

Where and when can you find the good (and possibly chilly) times? This is the Hyde Park annual event to celebrate the winter. It is appropriatly names "The Winter Festival 2021 " and will be held on Saturday, January 30, 2021 at the Hackett Hill Park from 1 PM to 4 PM.

What can you expect? Here is what the Hyde Park Recreation Department listed on the Facebook event page:

Join us for our annual Winter Fest at Hackett Hill Park!
Possible snow activities include sleigh riding (please bring your own sled!), snow sculptures, and snow painting! No snow? No problem! We will have a scavenger hunt, several trails set for an Animal Winter Walk, Obstacle course, try your hand at disc golf, and some family trivia and riddles! Dress warmly!

So, what do you think? Bust out the mittens, the hot chocolate, the snow suit and get ready to have a good time? Heck yes!

What events have been cancelled over the course of the last year have you really been looking forward to, were surprised that were cancelled or that you were shocked that were not cancelled? Share them with us, as we all get ready to one day, head back outside for all different types of festivals.

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