The Hudson Valley is steeped in history. From George Washington's headquarters in Newburgh, NY to the D&H Canal that runs through towns from Port Jervis to Kingston, there are signs of the past everywhere you look. Another centuries-old monument in New Paltz, NY is celebrating a milestone birthday.

Record-Setting Bridges in New York

New York has a lot of bridges to boast about. The oldest suspension bridge in the country, the Roebling Bridge, is in Sullivan County, NY. Named after its designer John A. Roebling (who also designed the Brooklyn Bridge), the aqueduct-turned-bridge spans the Delaware River. Another bridge with a claim to fame is a little closer to home, in Ulster County, NY.

Entrance to Perrine's Bridge (Google)
Entrance to Perrine's Bridge (Google)

Perrine's Bridge in Ulster County, NY

Perrine's Bridge, located at the Wallkill River in northern New Paltz, NY is one of the last (and oldest) surviving covered bridges in the entire country. It's also unique in that there are detailed records of the bridge's maintenance dating back to its original construction in 1821 (and subsequent "covering" in 1822). Not only is Perrine's bridge celebrating its 200th birthday, but you can still travel over it today.

The view of Perrine's Bridge from the NY State Thruway (Google)
The view of Perrine's Bridge from the NY State Thruway (Google)

Walking Perrine's Bridge in New Paltz, NY

The bridge may still be intact and in working order, but don't plan on driving across this iconic piece of history. The age of the timber (and the original construction coming before the invention of automobiles) means travel is limited to walking on Perrine's Bridge. Located on Rt. 213 just west of Woodcrest Dr., there's room to park on the side of the road just opposite the bridge. After your visit, there's a few other record-breaking landmarks in the Hudson Valley you'll want to check out.

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World Records in the Hudson Valley, NY

Everything from the world's largest kaleidoscope to the world's tallest lawn gnome are all here in the Hudson Valley. Check out the full list here, and check out some more fascinating records below.

16 of New York's Biggest, Widest, Oldest, Tallest and Weirdest Record Holders

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Here is a list of 16 of the biggest, shorted, oddest, longest, one-of-a-kindest, deepest, and weirdest factoids about our region.

If nothing else, this list will make a great conversation starter at your next get-together!

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