This is not something you see everyday.

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You know, it sounds like this story should be made into a children's book. I was spending way too much time on Facebook the other day and I noticed a very funny and different post in a local Facebook group. Let me this you this, it's very, very different...

A pig was wandering around Pawling, NY?

Yes, check out this hysterical picture.

J. Herman/Canva
J. Herman/Canva

The pig was not only out and about, but was following a cyclist down the road and the pig had no intention of slowing down. The pig was found on Holmes Road/ Denton Lake Road intersection and it looks the animal was just doing some exploring.

How does this sound?

One morning, Pinky the pig went on a big adventure and started exploring all the beauty the Hudson Valley has to offer. Pinky wanted to make friends and decided to walk down a big road to see who was outside.

You get the drift. If you do write this children's book just give me some kind of credit for it.

Thankfully, the pig was found and returned home safely and probably won't be going on any rogue adventures alone anytime soon. Imagine being one of the people who saw this pig, I probably wouldn't believe it and would think I'm just seeing things.

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