Do you heat your New York State home with propane or oil during the winter? If you do there are a few things that the person who delivers this to your house wants you to know so you can make their job easier and get better customer service for you and your family.

What do your oil and propane delivery driver need you to do during the winter?

Konstantin Gushcha

 So what would these drivers and delivery persons like for you to do during winter?

  • Shovel your sidewalks, drivers do not have tools to shovel, chip away or remove ice and snow from their path.
  • Salt the sidewalks when appropriate
  • Plow your driveway
  • Clear the path to your propane tanks, even if it includes shoveling around them
  • Clear a path to your oil tank filler
  • Do not shovel snow up against your tanks. This is a big no, especially if it is propane. Secondly, remove icicles and ice from the lines too. They can freeze the lines and potentially cause damage to the lines.

What can you do for these oil and propane delivery people before it snows?

Photo by Isaac Moore on Unsplash
Photo by Isaac Moore on Unsplash
  • Mark your outside tank with a flag, like the ones plow people use for sidewalks and driveways

Remember that the same person usually will be delivering your oil or propane, but that can change. Do what you can to make it easier for the delivery person.

Lastly, be aware of your propane and oil levels during winter. Propane and oil companies have a tendency to close when the weather is bad, which is probably when you need your delivery the most.

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