The woods of southern Ohio are the thickest, least settled area in the entire state. It's also home to unnerving unidentified animal sounds known as the 'Ohio Howl.'

First recorded in the mid-1990s in the Ohio River highlands north of Wellsville along the West Virginia border, the Howl is an often undulating moan style sound and is attributed to Bigfoot.

The First Ohio Howl ever recorded

This audio is from 1994:

The howl takes on a siren-like sound. Similar howls have been heard in Kentucky and throughout the Ohio River valley, the Georgia and north Florida woods, as well as along the Pacific Northwest. One commentor shared:

It is my understanding that this howl has been analyzed and at present is a mystery? It matches no known animals in the US. Is this correct? I must add that the next day around noon I banged on a tree again, and heard a "whoop". From around the same location. The neighbor's dog had a barking fit after the whoop. The day before the beagles he had went crazy while the howls were happening. My dogs ran back to the house.

More Ohio Howl Recordings

This recording, also from Southeast Ohio comes from a rural area 40 miles from Cincinnati and demonstrates an undulating sound.

A commenter shared:

They all sound the same.. this is real. There is a specific creature responsible for the majority of these videos.. search for 'dogman howl', they all sound nearly the same howl at different distances.. which would be literally impossible to fake..

The uploader of this video believes he's captured a call and response. This video also comes from Columbiana County, on the Ohio River near Wellsville near where the original 1994 Ohio Howl was recorded.

Must be mating season last night I captured duel Ohio Howls The juvenile must be of age now guessing around 17 he was mimicking a siren moments before the howl then the female responds.

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