You wouldn't expect to find contraband up someone's nostrils? Well, that was apparently the case at a state prison in the town of Cape Vincent. New York, when a corrections officer found a makeshift weapon in an inmate's nose. The New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association said the alleged incident happened January 29. There is no indication from authorities how long this thing was stuck up this inmate's nose, but one has to wonder?

So, how did they get this in there? NBC NY is reporting that the the weapon was some sort of sharpened ceramic, which was melted into a plastic cap. Well, that can't be very comfortable. However, an object like that could very easily had been used as a weapon for stabbing, so luckily the officer was able to find it. WNNY says the inmate was serving an 18-year sentence for second-degree attempted murder. Having something like that shoved up your nostril is probably not the best way remain subtle. Unless, of course, the inmate had a nose the size of a damn football.

Fortunately, for the corrections officer, the inmate removed the item on their own without the officer having to dig up through there to get it, according to WNNY. If this inmate was already serving 18 years, it's probably safe to say you can now add a few more to that sentence. WNNY is reporting that the inmate was put in special housing and is awaiting disciplinary charges.

Cape Vincent is a town in Jefferson County, northwest of Watertown. It is located in the Thousand Islands region, which is a popular tourist spot during the summer months.

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